Vitrified Tiles Important information for buyers

Vitrified Tiles

Technically Any Tile that we use for our wall and floor is a Ceramic Tile. This is the manufacturing process which makes ceramic Tile to vitrified tiles.

Usually, when Ceramic raw material is fired in the Kiln at an average temperature of 1150 Degree Celsius the output tile is known as Ceramic Tile.

Whereas when Ceramic Raw Material is fired in a Kiln at an average temperature of 1250 Degree Celsius, the raw material passes through vitrification process. In this process these minerals gets converted into liquid and hen it is cooled and passes through a glass transition to form a vitrified Tile.

Vitrified Tiles which comes out of the vitrification process is less porous. and have better strength than a normal Ceramic Tile.

Vitrified tiles are of various kinds:

  1. Vitrified TilesSoluble Salt: Soluble Salt is the entry level of Vitrified Tile. This is called soluble salt because the design which appears on the top of tile. Design is basically formed with fine colored crystals which is infused on top of the tile and gets heated. Design gets penetrated on the surface up to 2 to 3 mm thickness.

This kind of Tile has micro pore holes on the surface. and to seal these micro pore holes to make the tiles stain resistant we apply a wax like coating on top of the tile surface which is known as Nano Polish.

Soluble salt tiles are available in market with or without Nano Polish.

Cost of Nano Polished Vitrified tiles are approximately 2 to 3 rupee per square feet higher than unpolished tiles.

  1. Vitrified TilesDouble Charge: Double charge is another kind of Vitrified tiles wherein the tile body is divided into two layers. Bottom layer is plain vitrified body and the upper layer is again vitrified body but with some designs on it.

Thickness of the top layer (design layer) is usually between 2 to 4 mm. and it comes with Nano Polished surface.

Cost of Double Charged tile is approx 12 to 18 rupee higher than Nano polished soluble salt tiles.


  1. Glazed Vitrified TilesGlazed Vitrified Tiles: Glazed Vitrified Tiles or GVT is another kind of Vitrified tiles which is the best available Vitrified tiles in the market.

GVT can have any color, design, and texture on the surface which makes it more attractive and gives a natural look.

GVT can be produced in Glossy, Wooden, Satin Matt or rustic finish and we can also do digital HD printing on top of the tile.

Glazed Vitrified Tile is also available with colored body. Cost wise Glazed Vitrified tiles are the costliest Vitrified Tiles in the market.

There are various companies in India who manufactures Vitrified tiles and the top three organized manufacturers of this kind of Tiles in India are:

1. Somany Ceramics Limited: Somany Ceramics Limited sells their GVT in the market under the brand name of Duragres. One of the key advantages of Duragress tile is the Veilcraft Technology (VC Shield).

Glazed Vitrified Tiles of Somany Ceramics Limited which comes with VC Coating is more durable than any other GVT available in the market.

2. Kajaria Limited: Kajaria Limited sells this product under the name of Glazed Vitrified Tiles. If we talk about the abrasion resistance of the tile it is less durable than Somany’s Duragress with VC Shield.

3. H & R Johnson India Limited: H & R Johnson India Limited Sells this product under the Brand name of Endura. If we talk about the abrasion resistance of the tile it is again less durable than Somany’s Duragress with VC Shield.



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