Ceramic Tiles Laying 8 important tips from expert

Ceramic tiles are one of the key building material for a beautiful house.

We spend lot of time and energy in selecting right kind of ceramic tiles for our floor or wall. (Click to get tips for tile selection). Sometime even we don’t mind paying extra cost for the tile since we want our floor to look elegant and beautiful.

However, Proper Ceramic Tiles Laying is very important to get the right finish and desired look of the surface.

Recently, I have attended complaint from a client for bend in Ceramic tiles. and I observed the following:

  1. Supplier has supplied tiles of size 145 x 600 and the contractor has put the tiles on floor without spacers.
  2. These tiles were produced by cutting from 600 x 600 mm tiles in strips and it was not a direct punch tiles.

Please note, When a tile is manufacture there is always a positive bend on top of the surface to cover up expansion in tiles. However when the tile is cut this positive bends are not maintained in cut tiles. Contractor has also not laid the tiles adjacent to each other. By doing this negative bends were clearly visible.

Mistakes done by the supplier:
  1. They have not informed the contractor that the tile is being produced by cutting bigger size tile.
  2. Although laying instruction is mentioned in the packing box he has not communicated to the contractor about putting spacers.
Mistakes done by the Contractor:
  1. they have not done Dry laying otherwise the error could have been noticed in the initial stage. This could have easily saved time and wastage.
  2. They have not used spacers which was mentioned in the box.
This problem could have been easily shorted out with proper communication which is often missing between the supplier and the buyer.

Ceramic Tile Laying

Following are the 8 expert Tips for Tile Laying which can surely create miracle to the tile surface .

  1. Use Proper Tools for Ceramic Tiles Laying.
  1. Hire a certified / professional Mason.
  1. Soak Ceramic tiles in water for 3 to 4 Hours before laying.
  1. Strictly Follow Arrow mark printed on back of the tile while laying.
  1. Always Use spacers in between the tiles with epoxy grout.
  1. Perform dry Laying before actually fixing the tiles.
  1. Give at least 24 Hours time to use the surface after laying ceramic tiles.
  1. Contact your Ceramic tile supplier immediately if any deviation found in the tiles before fixing.

These 8 expert tips mentioned above are the Best practices followed by professional tile layers.

One can approach Tile Masters trained by the company “Somany Ceramics Limited” for a better result.

learn from others mistakeMost of the People makes mistake and then learn. Smart people learn from others mistake and improvise.

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