Moving From Unfulfilled Desires to Fulfilled Desires

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But as we grow our desires increases and we feel it tougher to get what we desire and we become restless because of those unfulfilled desires.


So, what could be the possible reasons for those unfulfilled desires?


There are various reasons for those unfulfilled desires and following could be the possible reasons.


  1. When we were kids, we had parents, relatives, neighbors, siblings, friends, teachers to help in fulfilling our desires. When we were kids those desires were important and tougher to us and we used to become restless for those desires but for them these were very small things and they were always there to fulfill our desires.


But as we grow our desires increases and so our parents, relatives, neighbors, siblings, friends, teachers also feel uncomfortable to fulfill those desires and then our desires becomes unfulfilled desires and we become restless.


  1. When we were child we had no knowledge to rationalize between the importance of desires but with growing age we can and we should rationalize our desires.


Often we forget to think whether that desire is actually important to us. Most of the time we try to fulfill those desires which are not of any use and we invest a lot of time and energy towards their attainment.


So next time whenever you feel restless because of an unfulfilled desire please check again whether it is important to spend time and energy on those desires.



Fulfilled desires

No one can know you better than yourself and you know what makes you Happy.


Every Situation is life teaches us a lesson. Till we grow up we face various situation in life and each situation teaches us something for our future.


Desires are never ending and this is not possible for anyone to fulfill all desires so a better way to lead a happy life is to have a clear Objective in life and a Set of Goals to achieve the Objective.


To make it more practical, we can define two different objectives one for the life and second for the career and set small and long term Goals for those objectives.


How to define our objective for life?

Objective in Life

Defining objective in life is very important to lead a happy life. Objective gives us a sense of direction it also keeps us focused and helps us enjoy every moment.


Objective for life should be considered as the most important objective they should be framed wisely and efforts should be made for not to sacrifice that.


To achieve the objective for life we also need to define our (Personal and Social) Long term and Short term Goals. With clearly defined goals and strategy we can easily achieve our objective.

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How to define Career Objective for our Desires?


Career can be defined as an Individual’s Journey or progress through life with learning and work.


We need financial freedom to fulfill various desires in life which is possible only if we have a better work environment where our productivity increases to its best extent. A better career not only gives us financial freedom but a better society to shape our overall objective in life.


This could be a wise Idea to make your hobby as your career. This way we can enjoy the work what we do and can put our 100% to get best out of the Job.


Most of the time we have seen there are people who landed up in a career, which is not of their interest and they keep changing their jobs in search of satisfaction and often seen frustrated.


And there also exist those people who do the job as their hobby and enjoy work and life to the fullest.


So this is important to select your career objective in tune with your life Objective.


Trust me, once you have defined your Objectives and set your Goals, life will become fun, free of worries and full of success.


So being discussed so much about the Importance of life what is the right way to define Objectives and set appropriate Goals?


Don’t forget to read our next article on defining Objective in Life and setting Goals towards their attainment …


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