Government Schools in India – need for improvement


In our country educational schools are divided by the society as private schools and government schools.

Private schools are basically a place where most of the parents want their students to study. But because of higher fee structure poor people are not able to send their children to these schools and compromise with sending their children in a government schools.

So actually what is the difference between a private and Government School?


Private School  Government School
1.       Excellent and maintained infrastructure for classroom, library, laboratory, Playground.

2.       Modern way of teaching.

3.       Skilled, Qualified teachers and better student to teacher ratio.

4.       Extracurricular activities to enhance student’s ability and creativity.

5.       Better utilization of school area.

6.       Sanitized toilets.

7.       High Fee Structure.

8.       No freebees.

1.       Poor and ill-maintained infrastructure for Classroom, Library, Laboratory and Playground.

2.       Old way of teaching.

3.       Experienced, unqualified teachers and poor student to teacher ratio.

4.       No Extra Curricular activity.

5.       Poor utilization of School area.

6.       No / Dirty Toilets.

7.       Very Low Fee Structure

8.       Free Midday meal, free aids.


Government Schools


Indian government puts in their effort to ensure quality education to each and every individual. They construct schools and colleges, they appoint teachers, they provide mid day meal, they provide free education / aids to the underprivileged students, they also put TV Commercials to call Children to the school.

So, in a nutshell our government puts in substantial amount of money and other resources to ensure that they impart proper education to the students.

But even after all these efforts students of a government school stand far behind the private school student.

Following could be the influential factors which are hindrances in the path of a student’s development in a government school:

  1. Poor mindset of administration in a government school.
  2. Poor quality of teachers.
  3. Poor Student to teacher ratio.
  4. Poor infrastructure of the school.
  5. No extracurricular activity in the school.
  6. Poor economic and social condition of students.
  7. Lack of synchronization between the Government and Schools.


If the above factors could be tuned in to the perfection I am very much sure that more students from Government schools will be able to realize their childhood dreams and can contribute in building a better society.


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