Veilcraft Patent Technology (VC Shield) by Somany

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Somany VC Shield (Veilcraft)

Technology gets updated very frequently. These updates improves our life by getting better quality product at a better price. Thanks to the effort of Research & Development team of the Industry. These thinking heads continuously, gives the society, innovative products, to ease our life. VC Shield technology is one of the result of Somany R&D Team.

VC ShieldSomany Ceramics Limited is among the front runner in the tiles Industry.  They have given the society unique products (VC Shield) to enhance the durability and aesthetics values for indoor and outdoor tiles.

One of the innovative product from Somany is tiles with VCShield technology. for which company has obtained a patent right from Government of India in the year 2009. In fact, Somany Ceramics Limited is the only company in India to have a patent for the technology and the product in entire tiles industry.

Following are the two issues with the tiles, addressed by Somany with this VC Shield Technology:

Best abrasion resistant surface: The biggest challenge in a floor tile is wearing out of the upper design layer because of abrasion. Especially in a high traffic area where the foot fall is high the upper surface gets eroded easily and destroys the beauty of flooring. Due to which we frequently need to replace the tiles.

If we talk in technical terms, Abrasion resistant of a tile is measured (as per ISO 10545) as per the methods adopted by PEI Inc.  (Porcelain Enamel Institute), USA.

To test the abrasion resistance of the glazed surface in a ceramic tile, Steel Balls of four different diameters, Aluminium oxide of grain size F 80 (ISO 8486)  and Distilled water is rotated on a small peice of glazed surface at 200 Rev. / Minute. Effect on the surface is noted at 100, 150, 600, 750, 1500, 2100, 6000 and 12000 revolutions. if no change appears, test continues to the next range.

Following are the class assigned to the ceramic tiles in term of their abrasion resistance at no. of revolutions with recommended conditions (read detail testing method):

Abrasion resistance test of Glazed surface

Class 0 – 100 revolutions (not recommended for flooring)

Class 1 – 150 revolutions ( Flooring for bathrooms, bedrooms in domestic housing with no direct access from outside)

Class 2 – 600 Revolutions ( Flooring for living areas and dining rooms in domestic housing with low traffic)

Class 3 –  750 (Flooring for Kitchens, Entrance Halls and corridors, Balconies and terraces in domestic housing)

Class 4 – 2100 (Flooring for entrance area, Common areas in Hotels, Catering Kitchens, assembly Halls Etc.)

Class 5 – more than 12000 revolutions (Flooring for Sales Outlets, Airports concourses, pedestrian Walkways and Industrial applications)

VC Tiles – more than 50000 revolutions (Flooring for High Traffic area)

VC shield tiles are the only available tile in the current market to cross Abrasion resistance test up to 50000 revolutions. This is far beyond any other available tiles.

This tough surface gives longer life to the tiles in terms of abrasion resistance and well suited for any kind of traffic.

Best Stain resistant surface: Staining in tile is another issue which is addressed by VC Shield technology. A tile is also affected to staining because of micro pore holes on the top of the surface.

One of the solution to this problem is nano polishing on the top of the tile surface to fill these micro pore holes. However this is a temporary solution. Because once again because of the abrasion the coating on the top surface will go off immediately. And the micro pore holes will be opened and tiles will start staining.

With the VC Shield technology all the micro pore holes are filled. And since the tile becomes highly abrasion resistant tiles will also become stain resistant for longer duration.

Only Drawback with the VC Shield tile is that it does not come in Glossy finish.

Chose wisely and live happily…..

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