Decorate your Floor and Wall with Ceramic tiles

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House is a place where we feel our self most comfortable. And to add to the comfort we decorate our houses in various ways by painting walls, putting right furniture and putting Ceramic Tiles on wall and floor etc.

Putting Ceramic tiles on the floor and Kitchen wall, Kitchen Floor, Bathroom Wall, Bathroom Floor and in other areas are another way to decorate our house.

Gone are those days when we had a limited choice in Wall / Floor tiles for our beautiful homes and we preferred to use marbles or granite.

Although the cost and maintenance of marbles and granite are high and there are lesser available shades we preferred using them over tiles in the past.

However, with the advancement in technology we can get the tiles as per the specific need and requirement in various Colors, Shades, and size and with Digital prints as well.

Today we have various categories of Ceramic tiles and Vitrified Tiles available in market based on the applications. Following are some of the Categories of tiles available in the market with specific application:

Ceramic Tiles

1. Ceramic tiles for wall (Matt / Glossy)

Ceramic Wall tiles are available in various shades and sizes Commonly used in Kitchen wall, Bathroom walls and common areas. Usual Sizes of ceramic tiles for wall are:

a. 108 mm x 108 mm
b. 200 mm x 300 mm
c. 250 mm x 350 mm
d. 250 mm x 375 mm
e. 300 mm x 450 mm
f. 300 mm x 600 mm
g. 300 mm x 900 mm
h. 400 mm x 800 mm
i. 400 mm x 600 mm
j. 320 mm x 400 mm
k. 250 mm x 750 mm
l. 250 mm x 330 mm
m. 224 mm x 448 mm
n. 148.5 mm x 450 mm

Top 5 Manufacturers of Ceramic tiles for wall in above Sizes in India are:

i. Somany Ceramics Limited
ii. H & R Johnson (India)
iii. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
iv. Orient Bell Limited
v. Nitco Limited

2. Ceramic Tiles for Floor (Anti Skid / Glossy)

Ceramic Tiles for Floor are available in various shades and sizes commonly used on Kitchen floor, Bathroom floors and Common areas, mostly indoors. Usual Sizes of ceramic Floor tiles are:

a. 300 mm x 200 mm
b. 300 mm x 300 mm
c. 320 mm x 320 mm
d. 300 mm x 450 mm
e. 306 mm x 306 mm
f. 300 mm x 600 mm
g. 400 mm x 400 mm
h. 450 mm x 450 mm
i. 600 mm x 148 mm
j. 400 mm x 800 mm
k. 500 mm x 500 mm
l. 600 mm x 600 mm
m. 800 mm x 800 mm
n. 1000 mm x 1000 mm

Top 5 Manufacturers of Ceramic tiles for Floor in above Sizes in India are:

i. Somany Ceramics Limited
ii. H & R Johnson (India)
iii. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
iv. Orient Bell Limited
v. Nitco Limited

3. Polished Vitrified Tiles ( With Nano Polish / without Nano Polish)

These kinds of tiles are the entry level product in Vitrified tiles and almost all the reputed companies manufactures this product. This is also called as Soluble Salt.

Again this could be divided into 2 groups

a. Non Nano Polish

A normal Vitrified tiles which comes out of the manufacturing is Non Nano Vitrified tiles and the cheapest vitrified tiles available in the market

b. With Nano Polish

A normal Vitrified tiles which comes out of the manufacturing is Non Nano Vitrified tiles and has Micro Pore holes on the surface and to seal these micro pore holes a wax coating is applied on the surface which is known as Nano Polishing. This coat makes the tiles glossy and temporarily seals the Micro pore holes and protects the tiles from staining.

Polished Vitrified Tiles are manufactured in Beige color with small pattern embossed on its upper surface. Sizes of Polished Vitrified Tiles are:

a. 600 mm x 600 mm
b. 605 mm x 605 mm

Top 5 Manufacturers of Polished Vitrified Tiles in India are:
i. Somany Ceramics Limited
ii. H & R Johnson (India)
iii. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
iv. Orient Bell Limited
v. Nitco Limited

4. Polished Vitrified Tiles (Double Charge / Ultra Charge / Twin Charge)

In a Double Charge PVT (Polished Vitrified Tiles) there are two layers of Vitrified body one is base layer and another is Design layer. Design layer exist upto 4 mm which means the tiles will be more durable than Nomal and will have more design and color options and normal PVT and it comes with Nano Polish.

Double Charge PVT Tiles are available in various sizes in the market. Sizes of Double Charge Tiles are:

a. 600 mm x 600 mm
b. 605 mm x 605 mm
c. 800 mm x 800 mm
d. 800 mm x 1200 mm
e. 1000 mm x 1000 mm

Top 5 Manufacturers of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles in India are:

i. Somany Ceramics Limited
ii. H & R Johnson (India)
iii. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
iv. Orient Bell Limited
v. Nitco Limited

5. Full colored Body vitrified tiles

These are Heavy Duty tiles which can be used even in Industrial Flooring and mostly used in Outdoors.

In these kinds of tiles color of entire body is same and as a result even after abrasion the same color appears on the top.

Different companies sell these products with Different names and it comes in various thickness and sizes:

a. 300 mm x 300 mm
b. 600 mm x 600 mm

Somany Ceramics Limited: Durastone

H & R Johnson India : Endura

NITCO: Vitrified Heavy Duty

6. Glazed Vitrified Tiles (Matt / Rustic/Glossy)

Glazed Vitrified Tiles are something which is very famous now a day because of their features.

Following are the features of Glazed Vitrified Tiles (GVT)

a. Availability of designs on top of Vitrified tiles: Design cannot be directly printed on a vitrified tile and hence a glaze layer is applied on top of the Vitrified body where we can print any design and color.

b. Matt / Rustic Finish of the Tile: Matt and Rustic Finish to a vitrified tile can be given only on the Glaze layer.

c. More Glossy tiles: We can also do Nano Polish on the print to make the tile look glossy.

GVT comes in following Sizes:

i. 300 mm x 300 mm
ii. 300 mm x 600 mm
iii. 150 mm x 600 mm
iv. 300 mm x 1200 mm
v. 400 mm x 800 mm
vi. 148 mm x 600 mm
vii. 190 mm x 1200 mm
viii. 600 mm x 600 mm
ix. 800 mm x 800 mm
x. 600 mm x 1200 mm
xi. 800 mm x 1200 mm
xii. 1200 mm x 2400 mm
x111. 1000 mm x 1000 mm

Top 5 Manufacturers of Double Charge Vitrified Tiles in India are:

i. Somany Ceramics Limited
ii. H & R Johnson (India)
iii. Kajaria Ceramics Limited
iv. Orient Bell Limited
v. Nitco Limited

Today we also have software to visualize our space with the selected tiles prior to actual installation.

3D Tile Visualizer

Somany Ceramics Limited one of the pioneer in Tiles Manufacturing Industry in the world have recently launched tiles visualizer wherein we can virtually lay the tiles on the wall or floor with other accessories and can actually visualize the appearance prior to actual installation.

This is definitely going to help us in having a better aesthetic and look of our wall and floor.

Veilcraft Patent Technology (VC Shield) by Somany

<br /> Veilcraft Petent Technology VC Shield by Somany<br />

Somany VC Shield (Veilcraft)

Technology gets updated very frequently. These updates improves our life by getting better quality product at a better price. Thanks to the effort of Research & Development team of the Industry. These thinking heads continuously, gives the society, innovative products, to ease our life. VC Shield technology is one of the result of Somany R&D Team.

VC ShieldSomany Ceramics Limited is among the front runner in the tiles Industry.  They have given the society unique products (VC Shield) to enhance the durability and aesthetics values for indoor and outdoor tiles.

One of the innovative product from Somany is tiles with VCShield technology. for which company has obtained a patent right from Government of India in the year 2009. In fact, Somany Ceramics Limited is the only company in India to have a patent for the technology and the product in entire tiles industry.

Following are the two issues with the tiles, addressed by Somany with this VC Shield Technology:

Best abrasion resistant surface: The biggest challenge in a floor tile is wearing out of the upper design layer because of abrasion. Especially in a high traffic area where the foot fall is high the upper surface gets eroded easily and destroys the beauty of flooring. Due to which we frequently need to replace the tiles.

If we talk in technical terms, Abrasion resistant of a tile is measured (as per ISO 10545) as per the methods adopted by PEI Inc.  (Porcelain Enamel Institute), USA.

To test the abrasion resistance of the glazed surface in a ceramic tile, Steel Balls of four different diameters, Aluminium oxide of grain size F 80 (ISO 8486)  and Distilled water is rotated on a small peice of glazed surface at 200 Rev. / Minute. Effect on the surface is noted at 100, 150, 600, 750, 1500, 2100, 6000 and 12000 revolutions. if no change appears, test continues to the next range.

Following are the class assigned to the ceramic tiles in term of their abrasion resistance at no. of revolutions with recommended conditions (read detail testing method):

Abrasion resistance test of Glazed surface

Class 0 – 100 revolutions (not recommended for flooring)

Class 1 – 150 revolutions ( Flooring for bathrooms, bedrooms in domestic housing with no direct access from outside)

Class 2 – 600 Revolutions ( Flooring for living areas and dining rooms in domestic housing with low traffic)

Class 3 –  750 (Flooring for Kitchens, Entrance Halls and corridors, Balconies and terraces in domestic housing)

Class 4 – 2100 (Flooring for entrance area, Common areas in Hotels, Catering Kitchens, assembly Halls Etc.)

Class 5 – more than 12000 revolutions (Flooring for Sales Outlets, Airports concourses, pedestrian Walkways and Industrial applications)

VC Tiles – more than 50000 revolutions (Flooring for High Traffic area)


VC shield tiles are the only available tile in the current market to cross Abrasion resistance test up to 50000 revolutions. This is far beyond any other available tiles.

This tough surface gives longer life to the tiles in terms of abrasion resistance and well suited for any kind of traffic.

Best Stain resistant surface: Staining in tile is another issue which is addressed by VC Shield technology. A tile is also affected to staining because of micro pore holes on the top of the surface.

One of the solution to this problem is nano polishing on the top of the tile surface to fill these micro pore holes. However this is a temporary solution. Because once again because of the abrasion the coating on the top surface will go off immediately. And the micro pore holes will be opened and tiles will start staining.

With the VC Shield technology all the micro pore holes are filled. And since the tile becomes highly abrasion resistant tiles will also become stain resistant for longer duration.

Only Drawback with the VC Shield tile is that it does not come in Glossy finish.

Chose wisely and live happily…..

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Moving From Unfulfilled Desires to Fulfilled Desires

naughty kid


But as we grow our desires increases and we feel it tougher to get what we desire and we become restless because of those unfulfilled desires.


So, what could be the possible reasons for those unfulfilled desires?


There are various reasons for those unfulfilled desires and following could be the possible reasons.


  1. When we were kids, we had parents, relatives, neighbors, siblings, friends, teachers to help in fulfilling our desires. When we were kids those desires were important and tougher to us and we used to become restless for those desires but for them these were very small things and they were always there to fulfill our desires.


But as we grow our desires increases and so our parents, relatives, neighbors, siblings, friends, teachers also feel uncomfortable to fulfill those desires and then our desires becomes unfulfilled desires and we become restless.


  1. When we were child we had no knowledge to rationalize between the importance of desires but with growing age we can and we should rationalize our desires.


Often we forget to think whether that desire is actually important to us. Most of the time we try to fulfill those desires which are not of any use and we invest a lot of time and energy towards their attainment.


So next time whenever you feel restless because of an unfulfilled desire please check again whether it is important to spend time and energy on those desires.



Fulfilled desires

No one can know you better than yourself and you know what makes you Happy.


Every Situation is life teaches us a lesson. Till we grow up we face various situation in life and each situation teaches us something for our future.


Desires are never ending and this is not possible for anyone to fulfill all desires so a better way to lead a happy life is to have a clear Objective in life and a Set of Goals to achieve the Objective.


To make it more practical, we can define two different objectives one for the life and second for the career and set small and long term Goals for those objectives.


How to define our objective for life?

Objective in Life

Defining objective in life is very important to lead a happy life. Objective gives us a sense of direction it also keeps us focused and helps us enjoy every moment.


Objective for life should be considered as the most important objective they should be framed wisely and efforts should be made for not to sacrifice that.


To achieve the objective for life we also need to define our (Personal and Social) Long term and Short term Goals. With clearly defined goals and strategy we can easily achieve our objective.

(Please contact us at, to have better understanding about the Objective in life)


How to define Career Objective for our Desires?


Career can be defined as an Individual’s Journey or progress through life with learning and work.


We need financial freedom to fulfill various desires in life which is possible only if we have a better work environment where our productivity increases to its best extent. A better career not only gives us financial freedom but a better society to shape our overall objective in life.


This could be a wise Idea to make your hobby as your career. This way we can enjoy the work what we do and can put our 100% to get best out of the Job.


Most of the time we have seen there are people who landed up in a career, which is not of their interest and they keep changing their jobs in search of satisfaction and often seen frustrated.


And there also exist those people who do the job as their hobby and enjoy work and life to the fullest.


So this is important to select your career objective in tune with your life Objective.


Trust me, once you have defined your Objectives and set your Goals, life will become fun, free of worries and full of success.


So being discussed so much about the Importance of life what is the right way to define Objectives and set appropriate Goals?


Don’t forget to read our next article on defining Objective in Life and setting Goals towards their attainment …

Importance of having Objective in life


How to get what you want in life?


Scenario – 1

ChildIf, we ask our parents (Most Trusted People) to give something then what will they give? Even if they manage to give something, whether that can make us happy?

If a child ask his parents to give Rs. 10/- to buy a chocolate then of course they will give and that child will be very happy.

Scenario – 2

child-shopIf, we go to a shop and ask the shopkeeper to give something then what will they give? If at all the shopkeeper gives something at a cost will that be acceptable?

If a child ask a shopkeeper to give chocolate for Rs. 10/- then of course he will give and that child will be satisfied.

From the above two scenarios, it is clear that we should know what we want then only we can get what we are looking for or otherwise we need to be very lucky to get what may make us comfortable.

In our real life we pass through the same situations. Because of not having Objective in life our all the efforts and hard work goes in vein and we curse our luck.

In this article I am going to focus on Importance of having Objective in life.

I Hope, All of us must remember those short stories, which was told in the classrooms. Those short stories were not just told to enhance our grammar and language but also to enhance our understanding about the life. I am going to share couple of examples which I am sure can help you in understanding the importance of having objective in life.


Dhirubhai Ambani

Dhirajlal Hirachand “Dhirubhai” Ambani

Late Dhirubhai Ambani was born in the year 1932, at Chorwad, Gujarat. His father was a school teacher. He started his entrepreneurial career by selling bhajias to pilgrims in Mount Girnar over the weekends. He moved to Aden, Yemen after completing his matriculation at the age of 16. He worked there as a gas-station attendant, and as a clerk in an oil company. He returned to India in 1958 with Rs 50,000 and set up a textile trading company.

He started his first textile mill at Naroda, near Ahmedabad in 1966 and started the brand ‘Vimal’. He built India’s largest private sector company, Reliance India Limited, from a scratch. Over time he diversified his business into a core specialization in petrochemicals with additional interests in telecommunications, information technology, energy, power, retail, textiles, infrastructure services, capital markets, and logistics.

Due to his innovative Ideas Reliance quickly became a favorite of the stock market in the 1980s. In 1992, Reliance became the first Indian company to raise money in global markets. Reliance also became the first Indian company to feature in Forbes 500 list.

Today, the Group’s turnover represents nearly 3 per cent of India’s GDP. The Reliance Group is a living testimony to Dhirubhai’s indomitable will, single-minded dedication and an unrelenting commitment to his goals.

Dhirubhai Ambani won many words and accolades during his life. He was named the Indian Entrepreneur of the 20th Century by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). In June 1998, he was awarded the Dean’s Medal by The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, for setting an outstanding example of leadership. A poll conducted by The Times of India in 2000 voted him “greatest creator of wealth in the century”.

In November 2000, he was conferred the ‘Man of the Century’ award by Chemtech Foundation and Chemical Engineering World for his contribution to the growth and development of the chemical industry in India.

From the above story I wanted to highlight that Dhirubhai Ambani Was having a clear Objective in life, to do business and throughout the life he focused on achieving this objective by setting and attaining various goals right from selling Bhajias to creating Reliance group and he succeeded in achieving objective in true sense.

So, Having objective / purpose in life is very important to achieve or get what we want. In our society such things are not taught during the childhood and due to this we move ahead in our life without any direction and if we reach some good places this is purely because of our luck and not because of sincere effort.

This is also true that if we put our sincere effort in right direction, nothing can hold us back to achieve the objective in life.

A famous writer Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, in his famous book “The Power of Intention” has defined Intention as a strong purpose or objective, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result. People driven by intention are described as having strong will that won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving their inner desire.

If at all you have not yet realized your clear objective in life go ahead take some time from your daily schedule think and write down the purpose of your life and set short term and long term goals towards its attainment.

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Government Schools in India – need for improvement


In our country educational schools are divided by the society as private schools and government schools.

Private schools are basically a place where most of the parents want their students to study. But because of higher fee structure poor people are not able to send their children to these schools and compromise with sending their children in a government schools.

So actually what is the difference between a private and Government School?


Private School  Government School
1.       Excellent and maintained infrastructure for classroom, library, laboratory, Playground.

2.       Modern way of teaching.

3.       Skilled, Qualified teachers and better student to teacher ratio.

4.       Extracurricular activities to enhance student’s ability and creativity.

5.       Better utilization of school area.

6.       Sanitized toilets.

7.       High Fee Structure.

8.       No freebees.

1.       Poor and ill-maintained infrastructure for Classroom, Library, Laboratory and Playground.

2.       Old way of teaching.

3.       Experienced, unqualified teachers and poor student to teacher ratio.

4.       No Extra Curricular activity.

5.       Poor utilization of School area.

6.       No / Dirty Toilets.

7.       Very Low Fee Structure

8.       Free Midday meal, free aids.


Government Schools


Indian government puts in their effort to ensure quality education to each and every individual. They construct schools and colleges, they appoint teachers, they provide mid day meal, they provide free education / aids to the underprivileged students, they also put TV Commercials to call Children to the school.

So, in a nutshell our government puts in substantial amount of money and other resources to ensure that they impart proper education to the students.

But even after all these efforts students of a government school stand far behind the private school student.

Following could be the influential factors which are hindrances in the path of a student’s development in a government school:

  1. Poor mindset of administration in a government school.
  2. Poor quality of teachers.
  3. Poor Student to teacher ratio.
  4. Poor infrastructure of the school.
  5. No extracurricular activity in the school.
  6. Poor economic and social condition of students.
  7. Lack of synchronization between the Government and Schools.


If the above factors could be tuned in to the perfection I am very much sure that more students from Government schools will be able to realize their childhood dreams and can contribute in building a better society.

” बेटा, बड़े होकर तुम क्या बनोगे ? “

” बेटा,  बड़े होकर तुम क्या बनोगे ? “

यह एक साधारण सा सवाल है जो हम सभी एक छोटे बच्चे से पूछते हैं.

माता-पिता ही बच्चो को बताते हैं की उनका बच्चा बड़ा हो कर क्या बनेगा और बच्चे भी वही जवाब देते हैं जो उनके माता-पिता उन्हे सिखाते हैं. और जब माता-पिता अपने बच्चो का जवाब दूसरो के सामने सुनते हैं तो उनका सीना काफ़ी गर्व से चौड़ा हो जाता है.

बच्चे जैसे जैसे बड़े होते हैं, उन्हे अपनी रूचि के बारे में पता चलता है और वो भी सोचने लगते हैं की उन्हे क्या करना है.

वो बच्चे काफ़ी भाग्यशाली होते हैं जिनके घर में एक ऐसा गार्डियन होता है जो सही वक़्त पे बच्चो को मार्गदर्शन देते है और बच्चे उनका अनुसरण करते हैं और अक्सर अपनी मंज़िल तक पहुच जाते हैं.

पर सभी बच्चे भाग्यशाली नही होते हैं और कई बच्चे ऐसे होते हैं जिन्हे सही मार्गदर्शन ना तो स्कूल में मिलता है, ना ही घर में और ना ही समाज में और ऐसे बच्चे हमेशा असमंजस में रहते हैं और अक्सर अपने मार्ग से भटक जाते हैं.

जानकारी के अभाव के कारण इनके लिए सपने देखना भी असंभव सा हो जाता है ऐसे लोग अपने आस पास के लोगो का बस अनुसरण करने लगते हैं. अगर वो कॉलेज में दाखिला भी लेते हैं तो ये देखते हैं की उनके साथ वाला किस कोर्स में दाखिला ले रहा है और बस उसके साथ हो लेते हैं.

कई बार वो ऐसे विषय चुन लेते हैं जिनमें उनकी रूचि नही होती है और यहीं से सुरू हो जाती है भटकाओ.

जब विषय ही उनके पसंद का नही होता है तो धीरे-धीरे उनकी पढ़ाई से रूचि ख़त्महो जाती है और इसके परिणाम स्वरूप कई तो अपनी पढ़ाई बीच में ही छोड़ देते हैं.

और जो किसी तरह पढ़ाई पूरी कर लेते हैं उनका ज्ञान अधूरा होता है और इसके अभाव में उन्हे अपनी मंज़िल तक पहुँचने में काफ़ी कठिनाइयो का सामना करना पड़ता हैं. कुछ जो थोरे मेहनती और भाग्यशाली होते हैं वो तो अपनी मंज़िल तक पहुच जाते हैं पर अक्सर ऐसे लोग अपनी मंज़िल तक नही पहुच पाते और अपना कीमती समय गँवा देते हैं.

हम सभी इसी समाज में रहते हैं. तो क्या ये हमारी ज़िम्मेदारी नही है की हम अपने समाज के लिए कुछ करें और ऐसे लोगो की मदद करें.

अगर आप  उनसे अपनी जानकारी साझा करते हैं तो उनका आत्मविश्वास और बढ़ेगा और अपने जीवन के लक्ष्य को निर्धारण करने और पूरा करने में उन्हे आसानी होगी.

मेरी आप सभी से गुज़ारिश है की अपने बहुमूल्य समय का कुछ हिस्सा ऐसे बच्चो के लिए निकालें और हमारे देश को उन्नत बनाने में अपना योगदान दें.

Life beyond SSC, IBPS, UPSC, RRB

We wonder why Graduates from Universities of midtown and small cities are not getting proper jobs on time. Why after Graduation Most of the Students are planning for their career in Government Sector Job? Why they are not interested in doing Jobs in Private Sector? Why they are forced to do jobs, which is not of their level of Education? Why most of the people think of becoming only Doctors, Engineers, P.O.s, etc.? Why People don’t think of a career in lots of other sectors having lucrative career opportunities?

It’s not that Students are not meritorious. It is not that faculties are not competent. It is not that students are not interested in a better career. But this is the Poor Infrastructure, Poor family Background and Poor Information System of the Students which are stopping their feet in moving towards a better future.

Even I started my career at the age of 19 and did the most common mistake that others do, due to lack of Information and Guidance. I left my Graduation for Job in the year 1998 and again I started Graduation in the year 2002 after 04 years in job. Sometime we think this mistake as one of the biggest mistakes in my life. If I could have completed my graduation in time I could have achieved more than what I have now. But again this is true that people learn from their own mistakes and from others so we can share our experiences and skills with you people and could stop others in committing same mistakes that I did few years ago.

We are very much interested to share our experience and skills with young generation and help them in taking right decision for their better career.

We discussed with our friends, some of the college going students and their faculties, while designing a program to address students who are not clear about their career path and career goal. Even if some of the students had set their career goal. They are not able to figure out the right path to achieve these goals.
We have gone through various websites and search engines to get the information about the various opportunities available in India and we were surprised to know some of the facts that we are not aware of. In our country there are so many sectors where is scarcity for right kind of employee. We should know those sectors and look forward to get in at right time. We need to be offensive rather defensive in terms of getting a better job. Our offensive nature can only lead us towards a better future and career in life.

Worlds most prestigious business magazine have done research work in finding out some of the profession in India where there is scarcity of manpower and the top ten jobs are like:

1. Sales representative,
2. IT Programmers & Developers,
3. Accountants,
4. Marketing & Public relation executives,
5. Sales Managers,
6. Engineering & Technical Manager,
7. IT Managers & Project Managers,
8. Engineers,
9. Administrative Assistants & Personal Assistants and
10. Teachers.

Growth of any place (A Village, A City, A State, A Country, The whole world) depends upon the young generation. There role is vital in shaping the society where we live. To develop a good society our young generation needs to be aware of current trends and technologies, Better Opportunities and more important thing is that they should be educated in such a way that they can compete globally.

Our objective is to groom students and develop awareness among them towards their general studies and objective and make them successful in their career.

Our program includes:

o Provide Information about various job opportunities available in India & Abroad.
o Develop Competitive Environment between Students to think about the available opportunities for their career.
o Provide information about various Academic / Professional courses.
o Assist them in developing personality and communication skill.
o Assist them in setting right career Goal / Objective.
o Assist them in selecting the best path to achieve career Objective.

Top 10 Objectives in Life – Brainstorming

Dr. A. I. Khan, Principal, Giridih College, Giridih, Jharkhand, India, Postal Code: 815301



Dr. A. Imam Khan

  1. To be humane and respect for universal humanism.
  2. Respect for socio-cultural diversity, pluralism and dynamism.
  3. To be rational, logical, analytical and develop scientific outlook, approach, temperament and methods.
  4. To develop one-self as sensitive, responsive, reliable, responsible and competent person of integrity.
  5. To know the people, to know the world and to care for them.
  6. To connect, to communicate, to cooperate and contribute for social change for better life with dignity.
  7. Commitment to society and people.
  8. to respect other’s human rights and be free from social bias & prejudice.
  9. Ability to work together for composite culture and social harmony.
  10. A world free from discrimination, exploitation, oppression and all sorts of hegemony &chauvinism.

Journey to 35

Journey to 35

I Thought of writing this article because I feel this can help others to learn from a normal person’s life journey to 35.

I remember my childhood memories not completely but up to certain extent. I was quite an introvert boy in my school & college days. I was not a very bright student and I don’t remember to have so many friends. I was just an average student who was able to pass the examinations and tests.

I was born in a missionary hospital in Pakribarawan (Gulani) which is in Nawada district of Bihar state in India.

My mother belongs to Pakribarawan and my father from Rajauli. Both the places are in same district, Nawada.

Rajauli is a beautiful place surrounded by hills and rivers. It is a Kasba (Small Town), located near to the National Highway (NH-31). Close to Rajauli is Koderma valley, once upon a time very famous for Mica Mines. Most of the tourist places in Bihar including Bodhgaya, Rajgir, Nalanda, Kakolat Fall are located close to Rajauli (within 100 Kms.).

My grandfather, father and uncles were having a joint business and they had a very famous Sweet shop. famous for manufacturing (Balushahi) a very famous sweet of Rajauli. They also use to manufacture & sell some other seasonal sweets like Maska, Lai, Batasa, Tilkut etc.

I spent 8 years of my childhood in Rajauli and done my primary education till Std. III. While in Rajauli I used to play all those games including, Gilli – Danda, Kancha, Lattu, Patangbaji etc.

My father left Rajauli, when I was 8 years old we moved to Chas, which is in Bokaro district of present state Jharkhand (previously Bihar) .

At Chas, I got my admission in a small convent school (Semi English medium) in STD-III.

Being come from a village school my knowledge of English was ZERO. I was not able to read or write English words and often got punished because of that. There was one advantage I was carrying, I was good in Mathematics and Hindi but the problem was same I was not able to understand the English text mentioned in the books.

My parents were not well educated and were not able to help me in my studies and so they arranged a tutor for me. He was very strict and often punished me for even small mistakes.

Because of regular punishments in school and without any motivation I started feeling myself inferior and low.

I continued my study till Std.-VIII in the same school. That school’s syllabus was also very strange. I don’t know whether you will believe or not, that school used to teach Std. VII and Std. VIII syllabus in a single year and they used to call that batch as Special -1 and I also studied like that.

With this fast track course my basic knowledge level was really poor.

I got admission in a Senior Secondary School of Bihar Board in the year 1993. That School taught me something which ruined my several years.

My school was around 3 Kms. Away from my house and there was no direct transport my house. I used to get Rs. 10/- as pocket money per week from my parents whereas transportation cost was Rs. 1/- for the to and fro journey.

I have so many things to write here about those days but it is making me weaker. Please excuse me for not sharing that information, now.

That vivid picture of my school and environment is so scary that I can’t even think of recommending that school to any of my known children.

The saddest part is that being a Government School there was NO discipline. Teachers had no control about the attendance or movement of students in the school.

I fall prey of some bad habits which took my precious years in junk. I met couple of boys who were not into studies but were into everything else. Since my pocket money was low they used to spend for me or some time I took loan from them and repaying to them was really painful.

After Passing Std. IX, I joined a coaching class which was run by some of the good tutors, but my problem was same. I used to hesitate asking the teachers for any doubts.

Somehow I passed my Matriculation in 2nd Division with bare minimum marks in the year 1995.

Even after getting lowest marks in science I took admission in Intermediate in Science to study Physics, Chemistry and Math and joined coaching classes also which was run by the college professors. I also took a daring step to study the subject in English medium and purchased a Dictionary along with my academic books to understand the complicated words.

College professors were good and I was punctual in studies as well. But the same problem prevailed in my studies. I used to hesitate a lot in clearing my doubts from the teachers and my teachers were also having less interest in understanding my doubts.

There were papers like co-ordinate geometry; I still don’t know anything about that subject. Although my professors were good, I hesitated in clarifying my doubts.

I still remember, during my final second year exam I did really bad in the practical examination of Chemistry and I was very nervous. Some of my friend told me to bribe the professor for getting the marks and I dared and meet him with my problem. Though I could not pay him as committed I got good marks in the practical examination.

Somehow I cleared my Intermediate in Science with Physics, Chemistry, Math and computer as additional subject with 2nd Division in the year 1997.

After completing my I. Sc. (PCM), I started preparing for the entrance test for engineering. I also took admission in B.Sc. (Math Hons.).

One of my cousins was doing a diploma course in computer software, encouraged me to go for the course and my parents also supported me in going for it.

I took admission in the course and had a great interest in learning software programming using Foxpro and dbase. I used to spend most of my time in learning about computer and software.
I paid very less interest in B.Sc. and as expected I failed in the B.Sc. (1st year exam) which I didn’t inform my parents.
In the year 1999, I went to Kolkata to do a short term job oriented computer course and after completion of the course I got a Job of Computer Faculty at Agartala in a very famous institute. I worked there for almost one year during year 2000.

I came back to Chas and joined another famous computer training institute as a computer faculty and worked for almost one year during 2001. During that period I used to take classes for all high end software courses like Java, Oracle, Visual Basic, C++ etc.

When I was in Bokaro I met with some of the guys who were interested in establishing their own institute and wanted me to join them as a partner. Without giving a second though I said yes to them and joined their partnership.

We started our own institute in a very remote place where people even did not know how to write and read English. I was not financial able to support this business and it was their responsibility but they failed in bringing the fund. Somehow I landed in a big trap and felt suffocated, I was not able to earn my own food but I gave my 100% to it and finally quit the partnership in the year 2002.

I joined my maternal uncle’s business in the year 2002 as an accountant and also restarted my studies. I took admission in a college to study B.Com. (Acct. Hons.). I had a freedom of not attending the classes but I joined a coaching institute to study the subject. My uncle was liberal and allowed me sufficient time to study.

In the year 2004 I met with few guys who had some Idea of earning quick money I fell into the trap and lost huge amount of my parents hard earned money and lost one year of my studies as well. Being in the job in my uncle’s company I completed my Graduation with 2nd Division in the year 2006.

I Did a Computer networking course (CCNA) in the year 2006 and tried to find a job in New Delhi but couldn’t get a job after spending almost 15 days in Delhi and finally I came back to Chas.

Later on I took admission to MBA in the year 2008 and studied seriously. Simultaneously, I also started my own business in the year 2009 with a friend and I infused my savings into it.

I started a consultancy to offer marketing and sales services to some of the well known manufactures to sell their products in the market.

My friend was not very much interested in this venture and he quit within a year.

I completed my MBA in marketing as core subject in the January 2011.

I got married in November 2012.

Because of turbulence in business scenario and increased liabilities I closed my business and shifted to Bangalore in March 2013.

I worked in a mechanical company as Senior Marketing executive travelled all across India and visited almost all the petroleum refineries.

Later on I joined Somany Ceramics Limited in September 2015 and currently I am working there as Area Sales manager in Government project.

Now I am 35 Years old and can analyze my own mistakes.

Purpose of Life is to be Happy

object4lifeThe core purpose of life is to be Happy.

Meaning of Life changes person to person but the core purpose remains the same to be Happy.

In everyday life I have observed that true happiness comes only with giving /sharing.

When we earn something then also we feel Happiness but that also generates greed of getting more and this sequence goes on and on this again becomes the reason for suffering and in this process we Forget the purpose of Life.

Everyone wants to be happy but we always try to postpone it by adding some material value to our happiness.

Most of the time we think and talk about either past or future and in this process we miss our present where we can actually act and enjoy our life.

Time is always dynamic and it never remains the same for few moment we can feel low or for the same moment we can feel high. But we can never feel the same always.

Sometime we feel like so bad for a situation but that feel is not permanent and the time comes when that thought becomes useless.

We must remember whatever happening is life will not happen second time. We should learn from now and improve ourselves for tackle the future situation.

In a job sometime we feel like leaving and joining other company because of the work pressure or something else. However if we can give some time to ourselves we feel so stupid about that particular thought and like the job.

Similarly in a relationship sometime we become very upset with some one and with passing time we feel the reason so stupid.

So, never worry about a situation if at all it does not cause a risk to life.

Live in present moment and enjoy the purpose of life.

You need not to search for Happiness it is always there, Change the way we look into the life.