Ceramic Tiles Laying 8 important tips from expert

Ceramic tiles are one of the key building material for a beautiful house.

We spend lot of time and energy in selecting right kind of ceramic tiles for our floor or wall. (Click to get tips for tile selection). Sometime even we don’t mind paying extra cost for the tile since we want our floor to look elegant and beautiful.

However, Proper Ceramic Tiles Laying is very important to get the right finish and desired look of the surface.


Recently, I have attended complaint from a client for bend in Ceramic tiles. and I observed the following:

  1. Supplier has supplied tiles of size 145 x 600 and the contractor has put the tiles on floor without spacers.
  2. These tiles were produced by cutting from 600 x 600 mm tiles in strips and it was not a direct punch tiles.

Please note, When a tile is manufacture there is always a positive bend on top of the surface to cover up expansion in tiles. However when the tile is cut this positive bends are not maintained in cut tiles. Contractor has also not laid the tiles adjacent to each other. By doing this negative bends were clearly visible.

Mistakes done by the supplier:
  1. They have not informed the contractor that the tile is being produced by cutting bigger size tile.
  2. Although laying instruction is mentioned in the packing box he has not communicated to the contractor about putting spacers.
Mistakes done by the Contractor:
  1. they have not done Dry laying otherwise the error could have been noticed in the initial stage. This could have easily saved time and wastage.
  2. They have not used spacers which was mentioned in the box.
This problem could have been easily shorted out with proper communication which is often missing between the supplier and the buyer.


Ceramic Tile Laying

Following are the 8 expert Tips for Tile Laying which can surely create miracle to the tile surface .


  1. Use Proper Tools for Ceramic Tiles Laying.


  1. Hire a certified / professional Mason.


  1. Soak Ceramic tiles in water for 3 to 4 Hours before laying.


  1. Strictly Follow Arrow mark printed on back of the tile while laying.


  1. Always Use spacers in between the tiles with epoxy grout.


  1. Perform dry Laying before actually fixing the tiles.


  1. Give at least 24 Hours time to use the surface after laying ceramic tiles.


  1. Contact your Ceramic tile supplier immediately if any deviation found in the tiles before fixing.


These 8 expert tips mentioned above are the Best practices followed by professional tile layers.

One can approach Tile Masters trained by the company “Somany Ceramics Limited” for a better result.


learn from others mistakeMost of the People makes mistake and then learn. Smart people learn from others mistake and improvise.



Write to us if you have any query related to proper tile laying: rajeev@object4life.in

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Glazed Vitrified Tile a perfect tile for beautiful living spaces

Glazed Vitrified Tile ( GVT ), is one of the best available product in the tile Industry. This can be placed either on wall or floor.

Glazed Vitrified Tile is a high quality Vitrified tile with Glazed surface. This means it has both, beauty of a glazed tile and Strength of a Vitrified tile.

Glazed Vitrified Tiles are being manufactured in various surface finishes:

Glazed Vitrified Tile MATTMatt Finish Glazed Vitrified Tile RUSTIC

Rustic Finish

Glazed Vitrified Tile GLOSSYGlossy Finish
Glazed Vitrified Tile METALLICMetallic Finish Glazed Vitrified Tile DAZZLEDazzle Finish Glazed Vitrified Tile LAPATOLapato Finish
Glazed Vitrified Tile STONE

Stone Finish

Glazed Vitrified Tile CementCement Finish Glazed Vitrified Tile WOODENWood Finish
(To get a feel of these product please visit Somany Experience centers)

GVT tile With a polished / Glossy Surface is also referred as PGVT tile.

Common available sizes in Glazed Vitrified Tiles:

  1. 300 x 600 mm
  2. 400 x 800 mm
  3. 600 x 600 mm
  4. 800 x 800 mm
  5. 600 x 1200 mm
  6. 800 x 1200 mm
  7. 800 x 1600 mm
  8. 1000 x 1000 mm
  9. 1200 x 1200 mm
  10. 145 x 600 mm
  11. 196 x 1200 mm

GVT also comes in the form and look of wooden strips in various colors and sizes.

Almost all tile manufacturing companies in India manufactures Glazed Vitrified Tiles. Among them the three prominent companies Kajaria, Somany and NITCO are on the top because of the following reasons:

  1. Wide network
  2. High quality designs and products
  3. Availability of product in various sizes
  4. Excellent after sales support

Kajaria sells Glazed Vitrified Tile under brand name “Eternity” Similarly Somany also sells this product under Brand name “Duragres

There are other companies as well which manufactures GVT but comparatively they are far behind the above three brands in terms of Distribution network, Number of designs, after sales support etc.

Somany Ceramics Limited, provides a solution for abrasion resistance in their Matt finish tiles through their patented technology VC Shield. This makes the tile surface 3 to 4 times durable than other available GVT, Matt finish tiles.

Considering the array of designs, colors, sizes and textures available in GVT. We have various available options to make our living space look beautiful and elegant.

Sometime we don’t take much care about tile laying even after spending huge amount in tiles. Check

Ceramic Tile Laying 8 important tips from expert

Do visit any of your nearest showroom to experience the beauty of Glazed Vitrified tiles.

Retail Price of Glazed Vitrified tiles in Bangalore is between Rs. 70/- to Rs. 300/- per Sq. feet, based on the size and finish.


777-B, 100 feet road, Opp new horizon school, Indira nagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India 560008

Contact Person : Mr. Krishna

Contact Number : 08025203226 / 9751184877

email : bglrshowroom@somanyceramics.com

Top 6 Reasons for avoiding ceramic tiles on floor and solutions


1. Tiles Surface:Tiles surface

Ceramic Tiles surface is very hard and does not have any cushioning. So standing for a long time on the ceramic floor is not comfortable. This can cause leg pain and hence one should avoid using Ceramic Tiles in areas where people stand for longer duration.


  • people generally put carpet or other soft material over the tile surface to the areas where one has to stand for a longer period.
  • Instead of putting ceramic tiles one can go with vinyl flooring to solve this issue.

2. Repairing of Tiles Surface:broken tile

Ceramic Tiles surface cannot be repaired or polished as like Marble and granite. So we can only replace of the tile and cannot repair it. Over a period of time design of the tiles often gets discontinues. and then we cannot replace the ceramic tiles with matching tiles. Even sometime because of batch variations the shade may vary. Thus repairing of the ceramic tile is another disadvantage.


3. Loads on the the Tiles Surface:chipped tile

Tiles surface can be easily chipped off of or crack if any strong object falls on it and calls for a replacement.


  • One should use full colored body vitrified tiles so that even after chipping beauty of the tiles remains intact.
  • One should avoid putting tiles in those areas where the chances of hard object to fall on the surface is more.

4. Tiles Cold Surface:cold tile surface

Tiles surface is always cold and thus walking one the tiles barefoot during winter season can be painful.


  • One should use wooden flooring if the temperature goes down drastically during winter season.
  • One should put carpet on the ceramic floor during winter season.

5. Tiles Slippery Surface:slippery tiles

Ceramic tiles surface is very slippery if water is put on the it or if the surface is glossy.


  • One should use anti skid or Matt finish tiles to the areas where the floor area is mostly wet to avoid such accidents.
  • People should prohibit use of glossy tiles in high traffic areas or where movement is fast.

6. Tiles Non-insulated Surface:tiles rug

Ceramic Tiles does not provide any insulation to the surface and does nothing to dampen the sound in a room.


Tiles Selection tips for a layman buyer


Tiles Selection is one of the most important part in procuring building material. As a normal buyer when we go to a tile Showroom for tiles selection we look at the following components:

(a) Design of the tile
(b) Color of the tile
(c) Size of the tile

Everyone likes their premise to look beautiful. Above aspects in tiles selection are most important since these components are directly related to enhance beauty of the surface.

For the wall tiles, we generally select color and designs of the tile matching with color of the walls and lighting.

Similarly, for the floor tiles, we select the color and design of the tile matching to color of the furniture, Carpets, Wall Paints / Tiles and lighting.

We also prefer to select bigger size tiles as per the budget to reduce the number of joints for enhancing beauty of the surface.

TILES SELECTION TIPSHowever for the normal buyer I would like to suggest following components as well to make their Tiles Selection perfect.

a. Surface Finish of the tiles
b. Right anti skid tile for the bathrooms
c. Abrasion resistance tiles for High traffic area
d. Strength of the tiles if it is used in high traffic area or outdoor

a. Surface Finish of the tiles: This is really important to select right surface finish of the tile for use in different areas for the aesthetics point of view and application.

We have the options to get tiles with any kind of surface finish to replicate the natural elements like Concrete, Wood, Stone, marble etc.

Generally we refer tiles surface finish as Polished (Glossy), Satin Matt, Wood and Rustic. These kind of surface comes in Ceramic Tiles as well as Glazed Vitrified Tiles for both Floor and Wall.

b. Right anti skid tile for the bathrooms: We often make mistakes in buying anti skid tiles selection for Bathroom or wet areas. Usually we look at the anti skid surface of a tile in dry condition. In dry conditions an anti skid tiles can look impressive and give us a nice grip on the surface but in wet conditions most of the tiles fail to show the anti skid property.

Wet Bathroom floor tiles sometime can be very risky and there is always a chance of accident if the person is not putting his feet properly on the wet floor tile.

People can use rough natural stone in place of putting a normal anti skid  tile for their bathroom.

However, there is a reliable anti skid floor tile  from Somany Ceramics Limited, “Slipshield” which we can put on any wet surface with complete peace in mind. This comes in the size of 300 x 300 mm and 600 x 600 mm in various colors and digital prints.

c. Abrasion resistance tiles for High traffic area: Abrasion in a tile is one of the element which can not be stopped. When we walk on a tile surface or even when we don’t use it dirt particles in the atmosphere cause abrasion to the tiles surface. Abrasion erases the design layer of the tile and calls for a replacement.

Thus if you are a looking for a tile to give better life value of abrasion resistance is another aspect of tiles selection.

There are three different kinds of tiles we can select considering the required abrasion resistance:

(A) Full Homogeneous colored body tiles.

(B) Double Charged Vitrified Tiles

(C) Tiles with high Abrasion resistance

There is a test method which is conducted to check the abrasion resistance of a tile. This is  designed by Porcelain and Enamel Institute (PEI), USA.

To check the abrasion resistance, few minerals with water and metals are rotated over a piece of tile and we check the effect on the tiles surface after certain no. of revolutions.

Following are the PEI Recommendation on revolution test can help in tiles selection:

  1. Class 0 – 100 revolutions test (not recommended for flooring)
  2. Class 1 – 150 revolutions test ( Flooring for bathrooms, bedrooms in domestic housing with no direct access from outside)
  3. Class 2 – 600 Revolutions test ( Flooring for living areas and dining rooms in domestic housing with low traffic)
  4. Class 3 –  750 Revolution test (Flooring for Kitchens, Entrance Halls and corridors, Balconies and terraces in domestic housing)
  5. Class 4 – 2100 Revolution test (Flooring for entrance area, Common areas in Hotels, Catering Kitchens, assembly Halls Etc.)
  6. Class 5 – more than 12000 revolutions test (Flooring for Sales Outlets, Airports concourses, pedestrian Walkways and Industrial applications)

VCShield Tiles – more than 50000 revolutions (Flooring for High Traffic area)

In the market we can get the tiles confirming to class 3, Class 4 and Class 5.

However for real high abrasion resistance we can lookout for Somany, VCShield Ceramic and Glazed Vitrified tiles.

 d. Strength of the tiles if it is used in high traffic area or outdoor: Strength of the tile is another important aspect which we need to consider while tiles selection.

Strength of a Ceramic Tile is considered lesser than that of a Vitrified Tile.

We look at strength of the tiles only for the floor tiles. Vitrified tiles can be used on floor as well as wall with some special adhesives. But when we look for putting tiles on the floor for high traffic area we should try for other options like Soluble Salt Vitrified Tiles, Double Charge Vitrified Tiles or glazed vitrified tiles in place of ceramic tiles.

For any comment or suggestion please write to us at sharthak@object4life.in


Slipshield a perfect solution for wet Bathroom floor tiles

Have you ever thought of dancing on your wet Bathroom floor tiles?

object4life slipshield1

A Child will find fun out of it and will put all their efforts to do their best. But this could be risky if they slip on the wet floor.

An adult will also find the fun. but will also estimate the danger of slipping and will definitely move their feet carefully on the wet floor.

However, an old age person can never attempt for this considering their age and experience.

I Hope Everyone in their life had an experience of slipping in the bathroom floor.

For few this could have given a miner injury and but for few this could have given a bitter experience in life.

Now a days people prefer to use antiskid tiles in their bathroom floors to reduce the risk of slipping. but still these anti-skid tiles available in the market fails when it comes to testing the antiskid property on a wet floor.

I was talking to one of my friend about this issue and he told me that he has provided hand rails in the bathroom to give extra support to the anti-skid tiles. But I don’ think this a solution for the wet bathroom floor.

Once again the company which is known for its innovative product, Somany Ceramics Limited came out with a product which gives 100% assurance that you will not slip on the bathroom floor even if it is in wet condition.

Bathroom FloorSlipshield is a unique Ceramic Floor Tile designed by Somany which has excellent Anti skid property in dry and wet Condition in comparison to any other antiskid ceramic floor tiles available in the market.


Slipshield tiles comes in various colors and even with Digital print. It comes in two sizes: 300 x 300 mm and 600 x 600 mm.

Technical Comparison of Slip Shield tile with the any other anti skid tiles:

Slipshield Test Report

With an existing patent for VcShield technology Somany is in the process of obtaining its second patent right for the Slipshield product and its technology.

following is the link to download the product catalog of Somany Slipshield tile:

Somany Slip Shield tile 300 x 300 mm

Somany Slip Shield tile 600 x 600 mm

Now you have the option to dance on the wet bathroom floor. object4life smile

Make in India and Ceramic Tile Industry

Make in India

Economy of the world depends on two terms Demand and Supply.  Whatever we produce is meant for consumption be it anything a physical product or a service. With the Indian Government’s Make in India initiative, we have a very good platform to put forth our entrepreneur skill.

It is all about the feature of the product which defines the Demand. In this fast changing world people always look for something new in the product, when it comes to their consumption.

So while producing, we should also keep focus on the uniqueness of the product or service which can motivate a buyer / user to consume it.

India is bullish towards Make in India and we feel proud that we have a government who wants to focus on production in India.

With this make in India initiative we are attracting lots of private and Global investors to start their operations in India. This will definitely help the country in generating more revenues and employment.

But, as I said people expect something new with every product when it comes to their consumption.

Apart from make in India we should also focus on our research and development. So that better demand can be generated for the better product or service.

Considering the current and projected demand in ceramic tile Industry, there is an excellent scope of growth.

India’s share in producing ceramic tile is just 6.3% of total production of ceramic tiles in the world. And the Indian Industry is growing at the rate of average 15%.

In Indian Ceramic Tile Industry 40% of the total turnover is contributed by 14 organized players. with Kajaria, Somany and Johnson tiles in the top. Rest 60% of the turnover is contributed by regional and unorganized players (approx 200 manufacturers). Out of the total production we are exporting only 5% of total produce. We also import 6% of our production. (Source: http://www.icctas.com/ceramic-tiles-industry-statistics.htm )

If, we compare the product of all the Indian manufacturers there is no much difference in the product attributes and the features except size and print on the tile.

However, looking into the future growth a strong research and development is very much required to produce a distinguished product to generate better demand and gain advantage of Make in India Initiative.

Somany Ceramics Limited is the front runner tiles manufacturing company in India with a dedicated in-house team for research and development. Over the period of time they have given excellent product which is making them superior from others.

Two of their most sought our products are:

VC ShieldCeramic and Glazed Vitrified Tiles with VC Shield coating: With this VC Shield Coating Somany has given a product which is highly abrasion resistant and Stain resistant than any other tiles available in the market. For this innovation they also received Patent right from Government of India for 25 years. This tile is very much suitable in high traffic area.


Slip ShieldAntiskid Ceramic floor tile Slip Shield: Somany has introduced another product with the name Slip shield. As the name suggest with the special treatment on the surface of the tile the tile is highly skid resistant. Value of its co-efficient of friction in Dry and wet condition is much higher than any other product available in the market. Somany has also applied for patent right for this product


Somany Ceramics Limited is also innovative in enhancing the service experience of the consumer by providing right kind of mobile application through which they can see the product on the go and they need not to necessarily visit a showroom for selecting a tile. This Somany App can be freely downloaded from Google app store.

They also came up with a online tool know as Tile visualizer through which they can virtually design the area with putting tiles on the floor and wall.

In the coming days it would be exciting to watch, how other players are bringing innovations in the ceramic tile Industry and we wish to see the innovation beyond the dimension and print.
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Meaning of Independence

We are fortunate to be Independent and enjoy our freedom. But there were lots of sacrifieces and efforts made to acheive our freedom from British empire. Britishers ruled us for almost 190 years and we can not understand what our ancestors had suffered during that period for Independence.

This is really sad that even after 70 years of Independence we are unable to enjoy our freedom and still living a miserable life.

There are still people in our country who strives for Basic Needs like Food, Shelter, Basic Health Care and education.

There are certain political influencer who still want to dominate this poor class and want to carry the same policy which was followed by Britishers “Divide and Rule”. They Divide us on Caste, Religion and other issues and takes the advantage out of it. There are states which is far behind in terms of providing Basic services to the common people.

There is also a huge disparity of income level in our country which divides people.

Freedom means living life without worries. There are other elements which we can workout ourselves to feel the freedom in a deeper sense.


One of the worst hinderance in realisation of freedom is Ego. When we try to impress Others that is Ego. In Ego either we suppress our feeling or overpower our feelings. Thus Ego forces us to act as per the situation and by doing so we lose our freedom.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on Ego

Ravi ShankarThe tendency of the ego is to say “I am not crazy, I am proper. Ego is the biggest problem. Yet it is very easy to overcome. It is a one-day job. Just act like a crazy person. Can you do that? For one day. Done! Make people believe you have gone completely crazy. It is the best antidote for ego.” If you cannot do this, can you simply behave as a child for the rest of your life? No third option. Be a baby for the rest of your life or a crazy person. Be one who has attained the essence. Apart from this, keep the ego. Don’t try to get rid of it. Do this slowly. Otherwise it is impossible.

When people laugh at you, can you relax? When people point at you, just relax. Smile and accept it. A mother has no ego. Whatever the children say, she accepts. If they kick , does the mother get perturbed? If you are unperturbed, you have conquered the ego. Ego is just a feeling of having a wall between you and others. There is no wall. You belong to me and I belong to you. You are accepted the way you are.

Naturalness is the antidote for you. Be spontaneous! Ego cannot stand spontaneity. Ego wants to present everything properly and prepare beforehand. Children are so spontaneous. They make mistakes. Never mind making mistakes. Just be like a child. Anybody can say anything about you.


We often get jealous about what others have and by doing so we lose our freedom. Instead of enjoyign for what we have we feel restless about what others have and we don’t. In this universe nothing is perfect and there is no end for the wants. Instead of getting jealous about what others have we should cheer about what we have and live life to the full spirit and enjoy our freedom.

One of the best way to conquer jealousy is sharing what you have with others. By doing so we feel more powerful and can overcome from jealousy.


Lust and Desires are never ending they only gives us suffering, tensions and frustration. and never allows us to be free and binds us towards objects. If someone’s lust is interrupted, they become angry and start hating. By love we can overcome lust.

Lust brings tension; Love brings relaxation.

In lust we want to grasp and possess; in love we want to give and surrender.

Lust Says, “All I want you to have is what I want”. Love Says, “I want you to have what you want”

Lust causes feverishness and frustration; love causes longing and pain.


Anger is another element which effects our freedom. Normally we offer anger freely and smile rerely. Anger comes out of ignorance and negativity in Anger we not only disturb others but also our own peace. Any decision taken in Anger can not be fruitful because in Anger we lose control on our thought. By Knowledge and regular meditation we can overcome anger and lead a healthy life.

So, the bover montion four elements are among the elements which causes hinderances to our freedom. This independence day, let’s all leave Anger, Lust, Jealousy and Ego and Celebrate freedom from Inside.



Information on Vitrified Tiles Price in Bangalore

Vitrified Tiles Price in Bangalore

Vitrified Tiles are mostly used as floor tiles but now a day it is also being used on wall with proper adhesives.

Because of its less water absorption and higher strength it is suitable for the flooring.

Following are the categories of Vitrified tiles available in the market in various Sizes and thickness between 8 to 16 mm. (Click here if you want to know about the various sizes of tiles available in the market)

Vitrified Tiles Price in Bangalore are:

Soluble Salt Vitrified Tile (Without nano polish) available in only 600 x 600 mm size

Price Range between Rs. 40 per Square feet to Rs. 46 per Square feet 

Soluble Salt Vitrified Tile (With Nano Polish) available in only 600 x 600 mm size

Price range between Rs. 43 per Square feet to Rs. 50 per Square feet 

Price Rs. 75 per Square feet for dark color

Double Charge Vitrified tile (With Nano Polish) Available in sizes 600 x 600 mm, 800 x 800 mm, 1000 x 1000 mm, 800 x 1200 mm.

Price Range between Rs. 55 per square feet to Rs. 110 per Square feet

Glazed Vitrified Tiles (With Matt / Rustic Finish) Available in various sizes from 300 x 600 mm to 1200 x 2400 mm in square and rectangular shape.

Price Range between Rs. 70 per square feet to Rs. 300 per Square feet

Glazed Vitrified Tile (with VC Shield) available in size of 600 x 600 mm, 600 x 1200 mm, 800 x 800 mm and 800 x 1200 mm.

Price Range between Rs. 75 per square feet to Rs. 140 per Square feet

Glazed Vitrified Tile (Full Polish / Glossy) available in various sizes

Price Range between Rs. 80 per square feet to Rs. 250 per Square feet

Glazed Vitrified Tile (colored body) Mostly available in size of 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm.

Price Range between Rs. 95 per square feet to Rs. 180 per Square feet 

(click here if you want to know about vitrified tiles)

Above mentioned price is a tentative Vitrified tiles price in Bangalore of the top three brands in India. These prices can slightly vary.

Above rates are given to get a price Idea of Vitrified Tiles for any retail quantity.

However, For project requirement, rates can vary.

If you have already shortlisted the tiles from any reputed Brand, feel free to contact us for a better quote.

Tiles Best Quote

There are several brands available in the market with inferior products with the problem like bends, shade variations and corner cheeping. Vitrified Tiles price in Bangalore for these products may be lesser than the price mentioned above.

However, please remember that most of the problem in a tile is identified only after laying and after laying this cannot be rectified. The only solution left after laying the tiles is replacement. This can increase overall cost and time in laying the tile.

Top 6 Vitrified Tiles dealers in Bangalore:

GLAZED VITRIFIED TILESarojini CeramicsOuter Ring Road, Horamavu Banaswadi, Contact: +91-8497888755

Smart Ceramics: Sarjapura Road, Contact: +91-9900244280

Yashas Ceramics, Hosur Main Road, Contact: +91-9945858765

Katta Ceramics, Lal Bagh Fort Road, Contact: +91- 80-2670 0057

Alankar Tiles & Sanitaryware, Nagarbhavi, Contact: +91-80-2321 6355

Ceramica, 100 ft. Road, Indiranagar, Contact: +91-9620487778



For further clarification regarding buying vitrified tiles in Bangalore you can also contact at the following number:

Mr. Rajeev Nayan


Email: 007nayan@gmail.com

Vitrified Tiles Important information for buyers

Vitrified Tiles

Technically Any Tile that we use for our wall and floor is a Ceramic Tile. This is the manufacturing process which makes ceramic Tile to vitrified tiles.

Usually, when Ceramic raw material is fired in the Kiln at an average temperature of 1150 Degree Celsius the output tile is known as Ceramic Tile.

Whereas when Ceramic Raw Material is fired in a Kiln at an average temperature of 1250 Degree Celsius, the raw material passes through vitrification process. In this process these minerals gets converted into liquid and hen it is cooled and passes through a glass transition to form a vitrified Tile.

Vitrified Tiles which comes out of the vitrification process is less porous. and have better strength than a normal Ceramic Tile.

Vitrified tiles are of various kinds:

  1. Vitrified TilesSoluble Salt: Soluble Salt is the entry level of Vitrified Tile. This is called soluble salt because the design which appears on the top of tile. Design is basically formed with fine colored crystals which is infused on top of the tile and gets heated. Design gets penetrated on the surface up to 2 to 3 mm thickness.

This kind of Tile has micro pore holes on the surface. and to seal these micro pore holes to make the tiles stain resistant we apply a wax like coating on top of the tile surface which is known as Nano Polish.

Soluble salt tiles are available in market with or without Nano Polish.

Cost of Nano Polished Vitrified tiles are approximately 2 to 3 rupee per square feet higher than unpolished tiles.

  1. Vitrified TilesDouble Charge: Double charge is another kind of Vitrified tiles wherein the tile body is divided into two layers. Bottom layer is plain vitrified body and the upper layer is again vitrified body but with some designs on it.

Thickness of the top layer (design layer) is usually between 2 to 4 mm. and it comes with Nano Polished surface.

Cost of Double Charged tile is approx 12 to 18 rupee higher than Nano polished soluble salt tiles.


  1. Glazed Vitrified TilesGlazed Vitrified Tiles: Glazed Vitrified Tiles or GVT is another kind of Vitrified tiles which is the best available Vitrified tiles in the market.

GVT can have any color, design, and texture on the surface which makes it more attractive and gives a natural look.

GVT can be produced in Glossy, Wooden, Satin Matt or rustic finish and we can also do digital HD printing on top of the tile.

Glazed Vitrified Tile is also available with colored body. Cost wise Glazed Vitrified tiles are the costliest Vitrified Tiles in the market.

There are various companies in India who manufactures Vitrified tiles and the top three organized manufacturers of this kind of Tiles in India are:

1. Somany Ceramics Limited: Somany Ceramics Limited sells their GVT in the market under the brand name of Duragres. One of the key advantages of Duragress tile is the Veilcraft Technology (VC Shield).

Glazed Vitrified Tiles of Somany Ceramics Limited which comes with VC Coating is more durable than any other GVT available in the market.

2. Kajaria Limited: Kajaria Limited sells this product under the name of Glazed Vitrified Tiles. If we talk about the abrasion resistance of the tile it is less durable than Somany’s Duragress with VC Shield.

3. H & R Johnson India Limited: H & R Johnson India Limited Sells this product under the Brand name of Endura. If we talk about the abrasion resistance of the tile it is again less durable than Somany’s Duragress with VC Shield.


Reasons one should not put wall tiles as floor tiles

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Wall Tiles should not be used on the Floor

Tiles are used to decorate walls and floors. Wall tiles and floor tiles also acts as a seal to prevent moisture getting inside the surface. And thus increases the life of the construction.

Bureau of Indian Standard suggests the best practices, which is followed by Indian Ceramic Industries to manufacture the wall tiles and floor tiles considering Indian conditions.

IS: 15622, defines specification and various parameters of the wall tiles and floor tiles which are manufactured in Indian market.

However, we have tiles for both floor and wall separately with different specification and it should not get interchanged because of following reasons:


1. Water Absorption of the Wall Tile

Water AbsorptionOne of the parameter defined by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) is Water Absorption of the tile

As per IS: 15622 any ceramic tile which has water absorption in the range of 10% to 20% is suitable to be put on wall. Since, Wall comes in lesser contact with water there is very less chance of water getting inside the wall and the seal is maintained.

If we put the same tile on floor and since the floor tile will be in frequent contact with water there is a chance of water getting inside the floor and cause seepage.

Water absorption chart of various categories of Tiles

Ceramic wall Tile Ceramic Floor Tile Vitrified Tiles (Soluble Salt / Double Charge) Glazed Vitrified Tiles VC Shield Tiles
10 % to 20% 3% to 6% Less or Equal to 0.08% Less or Equal to 3% Average 0.3%


Please follow the link for getting information on Water Absorption Test Method


2. Physical Strength of Wall Tiles

Physical Strength of the tiles which include, Modulus of Rupture, Breaking Strength and Scratch Hardness are other parameters which suggests not to use wall tiles on floor.

Modulus of Rupture (M.O.R.)

Modulus of ruptureis defined as the force which a tile can withstand before a deformation or bend takes place. This could be defined in terms of N/mm2. Relatively M.O.R. value of Ceramic Wall tiles is much lower than Ceramic Floor Tiles. Since, on the wall there won’t be any applied force, it can be easily put the wall only. If the same tile is put on the floor because of the various degrees of applied forces tiles can be bent.


M.O.R. chart of various categories of Tiles

Ceramic wall Tile Ceramic Floor Tile Vitrified Tiles (Soluble Salt / Double Charge) Glazed Vitrified Tiles VC Shield Tiles
Avg. 12 to 15 N/MM2 Avg. 30, Individual 28 N/MM2Min. Min. 35, Individual 32 N/MM2 Min. Avg. 38, Individual 35 N/MMMin. Min. 40 N/MM2


Breaking Strength

Breaking StrengthBreaking Strength is defined as the maximum amount of stress that a tile can withstand before it breaks.

Breaking strength of a ceramic wall tile is much lower than Ceramic floor tile. Since, on the wall there won’t be any applied force, it can be easily put on the wall. If the same wall tile is put on the floor because of the low Breaking strength and traffic on the floor wall tiles can break easily.


Breaking Strength chart of various categories of Tiles

Ceramic wall Tile Ceramic Floor Tile Vitrified Tiles (Soluble Salt / Double Charge) Glazed Vitrified Tiles VC Shield Tiles
200 to 500 N Min. 1000 N Min. 1300 N 1200 N Min. 1500 N


Scratch Hardness

of a tile is defined on Mohs Scale. This test is used to compares the resistance of a mineral to being scratched by ten reference minerals known as the Mohs Hardness Scale.


Mohs Hardness Scale

Mineral Hardness Scale
Talc 1
Gypsum 2
Calcite 3
Fluorite 4
Apatite 5
Orthoclase 6
Quartz 7
Topaz 8
Corundum 9
Diamon 10

Scratch Hardness chart of various categories of Tiles

Ceramic wall Tile Ceramic Floor Tile Vitrified Tiles (Soluble Salt / Double Charge) Glazed Vitrified Tiles VC Shield Tiles
Min. 3 Min. 7 for Commercial and 5 for Home Min. 6 Min. 6 for Commercial and 5 for Home Min. 6


Following are the other parameters which suggest not putting wall tile on the floor.

  1. Thickness of wall tile: Thickness of the wall tiles is relatively lesser than Floor tiles and thus strength of the tile is also less.
  1. Weight of the Tile: Weight of the wall tile is relatively less to make it ideal to put on wall against the gravity.


Today we also have software to visualize our space with the selected tiles prior to actual installation.

3D Tile Visualizer

Somany Ceramics Limited one of the pioneer in Tiles Manufacturing Industry in the world have recently launched tiles visualizer wherein we can virtually lay the tiles on the wall or floor with other accessories and can actually visualize the appearance prior to actual installation.

This is definitely going to help us in having a better aesthetic and look of our wall and floor.